At News Gazette Printing Company,
we've been doing what we do for a good, long time.

Lima saw several newspapers in the early years. The Argus (1843), the Reporter (1843), the Western Gazette (1854), which later became the 
Gazette and the Democrat (1858).).

Circa 1897 - The old Republican Gazette building
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In 1891 the Republican, another early newspaper, merged with the Gazette to become the  Republican-Gazette. In 1897 another newspaper was launched, The Lima News.

In 1908 a man named Galvin acquired a 1/8 interest in the Lima News and would later control the newspaper. Another Lima newspaper, the Star bought the Republican Gazette in 1926, discontinued its publication and moved into its building on East High directly across from the Lima News. In 1929 the Republican Gazette/Star sold the paper to the Galvins. In 1930, the Galvins/Lima News began to use the Gazette for commercial printing and was officially named The News-Gazette.

The News-Gazette operated this way until 1956 when 6 employees of the News-Gazette purchased the company from the Galvins.

The business remained in the same location, beside the Lima News at High and Union Streets until 1971 when it moved to its present location at 324 West Market Street, the former home of the S&H green stamp redemption center.
Before the S&H green stamp business, the building was the home of the Gibson Company and before that it was the location of Timmerman Ford's body shop.

Timmerman Ford had a car lot in the location that is now the BP Car Wash. The building has an elevator and a ramp. They were used to move cars to the upstairs for repair. The upstairs is currently used for parking and storage and still has some signs of the old body shop

The name News-Gazette certainly has the sound of a newspaper, but as you have seen, the name is only the name and the News-Gazette Printing Company does almost anything......except print newspapers.

In 1977 Cloren Mills, then President of the News-Gazette Printing Company, and his 2 sons Dave and Dan purchased the stock from the 2 remaining partners of the original 6.

News-Gazette Printing has been solely owned and operated by 
the Mills family since 1977.

In 1985 Cloren's older son Dave sold his interest and left the company to assume a position 
with a growing metal coating company based in Lima.

In October of 1996 Cloren Mills retired from active service.

IN 1998 Dan Mills was named President

The company continues in business today because we still
believe that customer satisfaction should be our primary goal.
We also believe that we must always strive to be "State-of-the-Art".

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Clockwise from top left:

1. A page from the Lima News (1931) just after Galvin and the Lima News bought the Republican Gazette, thus creating the News-Gazette for commercial printing. 
2. The west side of the current NGP building on Market Street (1958 - before it was NGP), the Timmerman Ford lot. The BP Car Wash is there now. 
3. (1966) This is the side entrance to the building as seen from the Timmerman used car lot. 
4. (1942) The east end of the current NGP building. During this period, the building housed a Buick dealership. Notice the gas pumps.  We still have one, 
and one day we will get around to restoring it.

Here's a Lima News article when we moved to our current location in 1971.
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A couple of logos here and there, a few letterhead designs...

It's amazing what fifty years or so will do.

Our logo today is all about who we are and what we do. 

Quality and Consistency ... Every Day!